Install PowerGUI Visual Studio Extension for VS 2012

Feb 27, 2013 by Christoph // 1 Comment


UPDATE (2013-02-28)

After working only one day with the “hacked” version of PowerGui, I deactivated the Visual Studio plugin again.
The following was not working:

  • Searching in PowerShell Documents
  • Comparing PowerShell Documents in TFS

I joined a discussion on the Codeplex forum about this topic here. Will keep you posted.


Visual Studio 2012 comes without support for Codehighlighting and IntelliSence for PowerShell.

<ironic>HOW AWESOME IS THAT!??</ironic>

Fortunately, there are some great people out there who are working on IntelliSence support for Visual Studio as an extension. One of this extensions was advertised by the PowerShell Team of Microsoft via a blog post: PowerGui Visual Studio Extension, available on Codeplex.

Unfortunately, or maybe just because I am not able to find another way, the installation only works with a small hack for Visual Studio 2012. The current version only works with Visual Studio 2010 out of the box.

PowerGui VS Extensions needs PowerGui to be installed on your machine first. The following steps explain how to set it up.

Download components
  • PowerGui 3.2: LINK (do not download version 3.5, will not work!)
  • PowerGui Visual Studio Extensions: LINK
Prepare Extension File

After downloading, we have to prepare the VSIX file to work with Visual Studio 2012, as described in this blog post. Otherwise, the only option is to install it with Visual Studio 2010.

First rename the file from *.VSIX to *.ZIP. Copy the file “extension.vsixmanifest” to some other place and open it in an editor and edit the file so the section “SupportedProducts” looks like this (I only added the same section with Version=”11.0”):


Save the file and copy it back to the ZIP File. Rename the ZIP file to *.VSIX again.

Install PowerGui 3.2 (really 3.2, not 3.5 as available on the website)

The installation of PowerGui 3.2 is pretty straight forward, so nothing to see here. Just doubleclick, next next, finished.

Install Extension

The extension can now be installed by doubleclick. If you changed the VSIX file accordingly, there should be an option to install it for Visual Studio 2012:


After pressing install, open up Visual Studio and try it out. Awesome!


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